Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Rite 2011 "Review"

The Rite
My Rating : 3 out of 5 Stars

"This contains very little spoilers unlike other sites"

Based on the book The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist by journalist Matt Baglio, This movie was a little bit interesting to watch.First off its a movie that builds up to its greatness. Starting from the beginning, Michael Kovak (Played by Colin O' Donoghue) who leaves a depressing life working in his fathers mortuary business by enrolling in seminary school. But little does he know what awaits him in the following days to come. Michael, Who can't make up his mind if he is a believer or not. So going to Rome Italy where he is enrolled in a school learning about exorcisms but he is redirected to Father lucas for a little more hands on approch. He meets up with a fellow classmate/Repoter who has been trying to get a interview with Father lucas but has not yet been successful in doing so. So she asks Michael if he would be able to help her in doing so. When Michael first witnesses his first exorcism, Exorcised by Father Lucas (Played by Anthony Hopkins) He is thought to believe that Just because they are speaking in a language they have never spoken and Hearing voices in the heads to make them want to hurt them self that it is just because they are needing help mentally and not needing a priest.
However, even after seeing the frightening evidence of the eccentric Father Lucas
work, Matthew still struggles with his beliefs -- that is until strange and ominous occurrences force the young skeptic to consider the possibility that The Devil is indeed real…and may have his eyes on him..So after Michael has had a Nightmare/Bad dream he has come on to some very bad news..What is it you may ask...Well thats one thing i'm not going to spoil.
So not giving the movie all away Thinking that he is not ready for what awaits him because he still does not believe , Michael has ended up having to do a little Exorcise of his own with the help of Reporter Angeline who is hearing this from the person be exorcised things that she is not wanting to hear.

So in all this movie was a little slow in the beginning and has a really slow build up, But in the end it was a fun movie to see. Don't expect to go into the movie and be scared to death of it.No...Nothing like that at all from what i had thought at first. It has a great story to it as well as a all star cast. I would have to give this movie a 3 out of 5 stars just cause of the fact that it was not really what i was expecting to see.I mean don't get me wrong , I love Anthony Hopkin's movies, But unlike most of the reviews you see online.Those are people get paid to review the movie and have to give the review a high ranking and for me.Im just a average joe telling the story how it is needed to be....But for them to say that it was his creepiest movie since Silence of the lambs...I would have to disagree..I would have to say Silence of the lambs was a much better movie story wise and in build up.Much much better.But i would have to say to my viewers..Check it out for yourself..I know i didn't say much because i dont like to give all the movie away in my reviews.I like to give just enough so you can have a little understanding in what the movie is about and if its worth seeing. Its a great movie.So make sure to check it out at your local theatre.