Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Green Hornet 2011 (Review)

The Green Hornet
3 Out of 5 Stars

Where to start with this movie.The bad performance or just a bad movie in general.
I mean come on lets be real, This movie really wasn't that good.Seth Rogen as the Green Hornet was a bad move. He wasn't fit for the part. Now as far as Kato goes played by Jay Chou Was amazing. He fit the part due to his amazing martial arts in the movie. I mean this movie i would say check out but then again i didn't like the movie much.It starts off when Playboy Britt Reid getting in trouble in school for fighting..So from the he ends up in his fathers office "Don't want to spoil what he says"Ok so from the Britt Reid now grown up (Seth Rogen) has gone from a Playboy to a serious person. He is left to run his fathers new paper business but doesn't want anything to do with it. Until he mets Kato (Jay Chou) cause he didn't like the way they made his coffee, But he likes the way kato makes it.So after a night of drinking they say "Lets go do something, So what do they do..They cut the head off Britt's fathers statue. After they run in to trouble and who comes to the rescue....Kato...This guy is amazing in this movie.On the other had Seth Rogen didn't fit the roll one bit.He's more of a super bad guy.So the end up bad at Britt's house starting to come up with great idea's on how they can fight crime. Kato creates a wicked car with guns,flame thrower ect.Wicked.Britt's weapon of choice...A Gas gun..lol..Any who.I dont want to spoil the whole movie so you'll just have to see it for yourself. Also starring in this movie is Cameron Diaz which she was ok but she could have had a bigger roll.But in all it was a good movie.Has some great fight scene's , Some funny scene's (The gas gun) ect.

Cast Includes

Seth Rogen
Jay Chou
Cameron Diaz
Tom Wilkinson
Christoph Waltz
Edward James Olmos
James franco (Only in the movie for 5mins @ the beginning)