Saturday, November 10, 2012

2013 Remake list

Ok, I'm not a big fan of remakes but this is for the people
who like remakes. 

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Curse of chucky 2013! WHOS READY!

Who's ready for the new chucky installment? I know I am, Being a fan of chucky since the get go i am a huge fan of the little good guy doll. From the beginning where he tried to kill andy in the first film until the worst movie starting Jennifer Tilly, Which I have to say is the worst chucky movie of all time. With the new one coming out in 2013, The only thing that I would have to say is the best thing about it is that the original voice of chucky will be in the movie. And now for me I hate remakes. But knowing that there will be 1 original member from the originals, I would have to say I'm a little on the side to were this remake will be garbage. Now, With that being said. Here is a article I've found online that will give you a little more information on the new Curse of chucky!