Friday, January 7, 2011

Across The Forest (Review)



Across the forest
Directors: Justin Blair & Matthew Vincent
My Rating : 4.5 Stars out of 5 Stars

This Documentary was very very interesting. I have never seen nothing like it before. Its about these to american film makers Justin Blair & Matthew Vincent who travel to Romania to interview real people who have come into contact with Romanian strigoi, varcolaci and forest spirits. This Documentary show cases in parts.But from beginning to end this story has you waiting to hear what these people have to say about what they have witnessed and heard. From a grandmother who says she put a Nail threw a corpses heart so it would stop coming after her, To a women who was called a devil worker, and to a man who beat a man to death with sticks for just for his gun but then the man he killed comes back as a wolf for vengence.I dont want to give to much away on this documentary because once you see it you will be amazed , But if you are a fan of vampires, devils, spirits, strigoi ect, Then this documentary you have to see.I would recommend this to any one even if there not a fan of these types of things.But i can tell you this..This is somthing you have never seen before.. So make sure you go buy your copy from them.I have put a banner on top of the page. You can click the banner and it will take you right to there site to buy your self a copy....Below are screen shots of the films.

(Screen shots taken threw out the film)
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