About Me

Well a little bit about me. 
I am a huge movie buff, Or i guess you can call me a movie geek.I love all movies, From action,drama,thriller,horror,gore,romance,comedy ect. Any movie that has a great story line or great actors in it im down to watch it. I have been a movie critic going on 10 years now and loving every minute of it.
I can tell when a movie is going to be bad within the first 10mins.Either way im going to watch the movie so i can give the people a great and straight up review about it. Im here to let people know if the movie is a OMG have to see movie, Or if its just one of the movies that would be good to see when it comes out on dvd and blu ray.I wish i could get screeners so i can watch them in the conforts of my own home, But im not famous to get those,So i just go to my local theatre and enjoy the show.

Things i hate with a passion.
The things i hate hate hate with a passion are bootleggers. I can't stand how the people are sitting in a movie theater and are getting the movie on there cheap camera and then going home and making illegal copies and selling them.I completely hate these people.They are the reason for taking the fun and enjoyment out of seeing the movie in the theater.I wish that they could be caught and punished for there crime. But until that day i will do everything i can to help stop it.

The information based on this blog is from my own experience. I am not violating any laws by giving my opinions. "No Copyright Infringement Intended* Fair Usage Act"