Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Child's Play 2011 Remake News

CHILDS PLAY 2011 Remake

Finally i hear some good new's about a remake in 2011. Original voice of chucky Brad Dourif is to continue to be the voice of the psyco doll Chucky. I don't know about yall, But thats some great new's. Keeping a original for a remake. Unlike some knuckle head's that didn't want to keep a original in the movie :Nightmare on elm st 2010 Remake: in my opinion is what most hated about that movie. I can honestly say that i hated that movie.It didn't have that scarines
s to it like the original Freddy Krueger.But this isn't about that.Wow is all i can say to the creator to keep it original as far as Chucky goes.I can honestly say Bravo....This is one of the few remake's i look foward to seeing this year.Not many remakes this year have caught my eye.Some just look to cheesy or not interesting enough to see.But when a official release date is set for this Remake...Im marking my calender ... Child's Play 2011 Remake! ..Wonder if it's going to be some what similar to the original or what kinda twist there are going to do with the movie. Hope it has a great cast behind the movie. Just have to wait and see.