Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fast Five "Sneak Peek Pictures"

These are just a few Sneak Peek Pictures of the Up coming movie Fast Five in theatres this April.
If you seen the last Fast and furious movie "Fast and Furios" then you know how they ended the movie.If you dont please do not read on this does contain spoilers of the previous F&F Movie.
At the end of the last Fast and Furious movie you know that Dom played by Vin Diesel got picked up after he ran the car he was driving into the guy who murdered Letty Played by Michelle Rodriguez . So it goes on with him ending up in front of a judge and the judge giving him a 25yrs to life to be served in Lompoc, the same correctional facility Dom claimed to have done time in the first movie.The last scene is of the bus of inmates containing Dom driving to the correctional facility. Three cars show up, still arguing with each other. They pull ahead of the bus as the inmates are confused and look out of their windows, though Dom continues to look forward. He hears the cars' engines rev and smiles, knowing that it is his friends who are coming to his rescue... Now on to FAST FIVE!!!!