Saturday, January 22, 2011

Anthony Hopkins as Hitchcock In Making Of Psycho

Alfred Hitchcock's and the making of Psycho

Is Anthony Hopkins going to play Alfred Hitchcock?
Sources are saying yes. I am a huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock and to be honest, Anthony Hopkins looks just like him. Strange, Isn't it. Going in to the web and find out more information on this, It looks like he will be playing him in the film Alfred Hitchcocks and the making of Psycho based on a 1998 non-fiction book of the same name. As the title suggests, the movie will focus on Hitch during the specific period of his life when he made his most famous movie, which at the time, no studio wanted to finance.
This is actually the 2nd time that Anthony Hopkins has been approached for the roll.
The way i see it , If this is set to be filmed, It will be amazing.

So please check back on this to see when or if they are filming .