Saturday, November 10, 2012

2013 Remake list

Ok, I'm not a big fan of remakes but this is for the people
who like remakes. 

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Curse of chucky 2013! WHOS READY!

Who's ready for the new chucky installment? I know I am, Being a fan of chucky since the get go i am a huge fan of the little good guy doll. From the beginning where he tried to kill andy in the first film until the worst movie starting Jennifer Tilly, Which I have to say is the worst chucky movie of all time. With the new one coming out in 2013, The only thing that I would have to say is the best thing about it is that the original voice of chucky will be in the movie. And now for me I hate remakes. But knowing that there will be 1 original member from the originals, I would have to say I'm a little on the side to were this remake will be garbage. Now, With that being said. Here is a article I've found online that will give you a little more information on the new Curse of chucky!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Sorry guys i have been gone for so long, I have had to deal with alot of issue's these past few
month's. But now i am back. Going to be giving you guys the scoop on everything movie's.From new release's,To trailers, To gossip etc. You name it ill blog about it. Ill be letting you guys know of new site's that sell great movies at great prices as well as Movie poster sites that sell original movie posters. Ill just be giving you guys alot of great info. So keep checking back and get your daily cup of noodles!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2 Original CHEECH AND CHONG 27x41 movie posters forsale by a youtuber

A fellow youtuber is selling 2 original 27x41 cheech and chong posters.

both come with matching c.o.a's
To contact him , message him on youtube.