Monday, December 27, 2010

Tron Legacy

The son of a virtual world designer goes looking for his father and ends up inside the digital world that his father designed. He meets his father's creation turned bad and a unique ally who was born inside the digital domain of The Grid.

What do you guys think?Im still debating on seeing this movie or not.I mean come on, Look how long it took them to put out a sequal.I mean 2 -4 years thats ok with me but 20+ years , thats just insane.I mean i do like the idea of the movie more then i like the thought of seeing it.Im a bit worried that im going to be leaving the movie theater in disappointment. But i think this might be a rental for me.I mean i dont mind waiting 2 months for it to hit the shelf's at my local stores.I just dont think i can handle another disappointment this year.From just seeing the trailer i would have to give this movie 4 stars just cause of the fact that is has some awesome looks graphics and sexy ladies.But all that will change once i see the film.Who knows i might just see it in theaters just so i can have the satisfaction of giving it my real rating.