Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ernest The Pirate (Unreleased)

Ok so Jim Varney AkA Ernest P. Worrell was in the process of making the movie "Ernest The Pirate. Searching the internet for hours upon hours, I have found out that the movie was almost complete but a sad day came to soon and the movie was never finished. Jim Varney passed away. So online people are wanting the movie studio to finish what they have started and Release Ernest The Pirate. I agree, It would be amazing to own the last piece of the Ernest Legacy.There is a online petition that is getting tons of signature's and people leaving there great comments on why they studio should release the film.I mean come on, Its a Ernest movie.
I know the studio would probably think it would be a waste of time to release a 75-90% complete movie, But hey i think they can come up with a way to fill in the last minute's. Down below you will find the link to the Online Petition. Please people.Lets get them to release the last piece of the ernest puzzle. Tell your friends to tell there friends to tell there parent's grandmothers father to sign.