Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cheech and Chong CONFIRM!! Up In Smoke 2

The duo is back at it again.Thats right, The famous stoner duo is back at it for Up In Smoke 2.
Now there's alot to say about this that is so good that i dont want to put it all in one posting. Where to start where to start. First of all if you haven't heard of Cheech and Chong then please i beg you to grab a seat and rent the movie or better yet buy the movie Up In Smoke..It is a cult classic. Up in smoke (1978) Is one of the best films of all time. If you dont know about the movie sorry this does contain spoilers about Up In Smoke. It starts off with tommy chong leaving his parents home after they want him to find a job or to do somthing with his life.But now that he has a bigger dream he leave's and find him self stuck and broke down..where you might ask..In a ditch.His car over heats and he's stranded until Pedro (Cheech) comes along looking for a foxy lady to get with.But what does he find....He find Tommy chong.I dont understand why they have tommy chong labeled as (Anthony "Man" Stoner) I never understood that.Any ways.They go one to do a scene in the movie that is the most memorable scene ever.The dog shit joint scene.Like i said if u haven't seen this movie i say BUY IT!I dont want to give away the whole movie because 90% of the people reading this will know where the movie goes.Now on to Up In Smoke 2.In a recent interview.they confirmed that Yes.There will be a Up In Smoke 2.And all i have to say is.. Lets get the bud ready and our tai stick's (Cheech:You know,That stuff that's tide to a stick.(Tommy:Oh tide stick).lol. and get ready for a epic movie. They didn't say a date for the release but im hoping it will be in 2011.So if you are a fan of this epic duo Cheech and Chong then your going to love this movie when it comes out!!!!