Friday, December 31, 2010

Saw 3d UNRATED on both Dvd and Blu Ray "RELEASE UPDATE and COMPARISON"

Saw The Final Chapter (Formally Saw 3d)
Release date to dvd and blu ray : jan 25th

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Ok so theres talk that only the bluray edition of saw 3d will be unrated and the dvd version is rated R . What the hell is that all about.Every single saw movie released to dvd has been unrated,uncut or directors cut.Now that it's the last movie of saw (So they say) Its not going to be unrated on dvd ? What a total load of **** . I hate the fact that they wont release the movie uncut on dvd because come on , Not everyone has a blu ray player Or the fact that blu ray's were a way for them to make more money.But lets see the fact's.Blu rays have been out for a while and dvd sale's still beat blu ray.I dont see what the problem is with them to release both dvd and blu ray UNRATED! And another thing is..People who saw it in theater's wanted to see the unrated version... I hope within jan. they change there mind's and release both versions unrated.. I beg you people.Please email lionsgate and beg them to release it UNRATED on dvd.

Update folks.Ok i guess the people at lionsgate don't want to give the dvd edition of saw a unrated version.But lookie here.The rated R Edition of Saw the final chapter "Formally saw 3d" Is 90mins in length. And the Bluray edition of the movie is 90mins. Strange isn't it. Sources have told me that the only new edition to the movie was a name added to the credits.So Both Editions of the saw movie are the same length.As far as special features goes on the 2.I dont know.I will have to compare but lets be honest here.I dont really think special features on this movie would even matter , Just cause of the fact that this movie was the weakest in the series.But below are screenshots of The dvd edition and bluray edition lengths.

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