Monday, December 27, 2010

The Green Hornet

A newspaper publisher by day and masked crime fighter by night, The Green Hornet and his martial arts expert sidekick, Kato, fight crime while trying to keep their true identities a secret.

Now where do i start with this one.Do i start where people need to get new idea's and stop making movies that are already made.Do i start where i hate remakes?Or do i start at everyone is using 3d!

The green hornet, Starring seth rogan and Jay chou. It looks like it can be a box office hit but look at saw 3d.that went in the toilet. Seeing how all the great classic's are being remade why not give this one a chance.It looks like it would be a fun time at the theater but i cant judge a movie by a piece of art and a trailer.This movie im willing to see just cause of the fact it looks good.Not saying that it will be good but theres that 50% chance it will be.So im crossing my fingers on this one and hoping to leave the theater with a smile instead of a (WHY DID I WASTE MY MONEY!!) look. But seeing the trailer I give this movie 4stars (Judging by the trailer)